Dog Horoscope Blood Type "AB"

Dog Zodiac "AB" Blood Type Characteristics
Such people are more honest, they would not do anything to stir up trouble in the matter, will try to avoid "close combat" situation encountered contradictions. In fact this is especially the wisdom lies. When talking speech carefully, logical. Action is very neat, things rational, but also the overall situation appropriately. Wear chic and exquisite fit. They are unique in the details of the deal, shining aura of wisdom. In addition, people with good looks are usually relatively well-behaved, very popular with seniors or lover of love. In addition, once they talk about love will be very tender, and will take excellent care of his lover miss.

Such a dog who is very playful, sharp thinking, and conversation relatively easy, it will be dealing with others. More special is that they are almost all among the most talented dog, usually on things they are interested more proficient. And B-type dogs who are different, they would be irrational emotional control, combined with a dog who has a more conservative side, so although good at communication was able to calmly deal with all kinds of exchanges, very witty. Once they fall in love with each other when love will be very loyal, but not too persistent. They will be very open-minded to treat a variety of experiences, very wise. In addition, this is a dog who compare some margin, temperament is very good, a lot of people can get the public to accept and love.