2014 Pig Horoscope

 Those born in the Year of Pig: 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

This year, with the help of lucky star blessing, pig friends will have excellent mainstream income. However, one cannot have the best of both world. Pig friends will face with monetary loss, money dilemma, health, career and more emotionally. When homeopathy seize the opportunity to calmly deal with frustration when fitters understand trade-offs to pay its own reward. In this blessing you, with comprehensive proactive thinking, everything will get better. Worry less getting better.

Career Luck
This year, pig friends will be able to stand out in fierce competition. With the ability to impress your superiors and subordinates. Even when honoured, it is good to remain low key after hard work in the workplace to maintain the same posture or easily cause villain jealousy and giving you trouble unnecessarily. If there is any good job vacancies you should take advantage of it.

Wealth Luck
This year, pig friends wealth luck is not bad with better savings. Those planning to invest on houses should keep Qiuwen at home. There will be quarrels where both parties have sour relationship. This might not be a bad thing this year. Good luck month would be on June, August, October (all the dual months). With modification of Feng shui layout, one can boost your wealth luck to the maximum.

Relationship Luck
This year, pig friends will feel very emotional this year and desire more love. Therefore, it is easy to fall into the trap of seduction and cannot extricate themselves. Married friends should socialize moderately otherwise it might lead to family breakdown. From home feng shui point of view, need to see if there are cracks at home at the south ans north direction and fill the gaps. home in the south, north if there are gaps, to prevent an exception. Suggest to resolve their cracks at the beginning of the year.

Health Luck
Even though pig friends have good wealth luck, your health luck is not as goof and you have to take note. Some friends may be a eye problems, liver and cardiac surgery. If you are plump, you should adjust your diet and rest to avoid fatty liver. For elderly family members, this year is a threshold, and if there are funerals, it will reduce pig friends luck and have some obstacles for the year. Parents worked hard for children, as a children you must be filial piety to obtain good karma. It is recommended to light lotus light for longevity and peace.

Lucky number: 3689

Lucky Jewelry: Sweet blessing