2014 Leo Horoscope

Leo Profile

Leo Date of Birth: July 23 - August 22
Leo people are very warm, sunny, generous is the biggest feature of their personality. And benefits on their different personalities, they too proud, arrogant little too confident, often care about what others think of their own, thus leaving them often not too happy.

Leo 2014 Overview:
This is an average year for Leo people. There will be good in some areas and bad in some areas. In career, Leo friends will expect improvement whereas their love luck is declining. Both of which are relatively large ups and downs, but in the wealth and health of the above, there will not be much change, perhaps because of some investments there will be a little bit of extra money.

In business, Leo Zodiac luck is the best  in 2014. Leo are working in industries that are in its golden age. Leo people will seize every investment opportunities and so on wealth there will be a good extra money income. On the bad side, career success means overlooking the family. Leo needs a variety of entertainment and will be home late which will let your partner dissatisfied.

Leo 2014 Health:
Leo's body has always been very good. There will be no exception this year. In 2014, Leo is likely to be hooked on a new sport. The sport is generally collective nature such as basketball, volleyball, etc. It is suitable for various body muscle workout but also very vulnerable to injuries. It is recommended that Leo warm up and put on protective gear before they engage such sports.

Leo 2014 Career:
Leo's career in 2014 will be in a golden age. This is because Leo is accustomed to a stable life after several years which they had not thought of it. If you are a company employee, under normal circumstances you will receive new training and then promoted to the position of leader. If you are a leader, then you will be led by men to grow up quickly, largely thanks to the overall favorable market environment. Note that you can not become complacent because competition is fierce among peers.

Leo 2014 Money:
Leo's fortunes in 2014 is indeed very good. I will not speak on the cause of the rise in wages and just in terms of the amount earned from the extra money. Leo will have a very good income because the overall demand is relatively large. If Leo is engaged in the sales industry, it will be very obvious to improve performance. If you are engaged in technical industries then it will take up a lot of your private life so rewards are also great.

Leo 2014 Love:
Leo will experience trouble on love. Especially those who are married. Since Leo are sociable so they will attract the opposite sex plus this year career is advancing so there will various entertainment. There will be day's where Leo came home drunk which will caused a lot of dissatisfaction on the partner. There will be a lot of bickering so Leo needs to explain in advance and your partner may encounter problems this year, so that partners can understand each other.