2014 Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Profile

Cancer Date of Birth: June 22-July 22
Cancers are often filled with love, they will display their motherly nature to the limit. For them, the most important thing is the family. They tend to be like the crab, as in the hard shell is filled with a soft heart. Cancer is the most persistent constellation, their friends, faithful family, things will always adhere to in the end.

Cancer 2014 Overview :
Cancer's fortune is relatively stable this year. There are not much ups and down because Cancer has always do things relatively comprehensive, but they need to take note of some of the details. For example, Cancer people should always  have "guard against people from backstabbing" concept because one of the drawbacks Cancer is being too kind. And financially, they have to be careful not to be too thrifty, or colleagues and family will feel that they are a miser.

In general, Cancer's health and relationship is less smooth sailing. Other than that, everything is pretty stable. Physically, they may have may be some digestive problems mainly due to usually pay attention to diet. And emotionally, due to the long busy work, it will cause dissatisfaction from their partner and may cause some bickering.

Cancer 2014 Health:
Cancer's health is not in good condition because this year there will be a lot of socializing and an increase in the number of frequent drinking. Also, due to the busy work, Cancer people often staying up late  and participate less in exercising resulting in health problems. Especially in the digestive system, Cancer people loves to eat and often they loves to mix hot and cold food together causing stomach indigestion.

Cancer 2014 Career:
In business, Cancer in 2014 will not have any major breakthrough, but on the whole it is still better than last year. Cancer usually pay more attention to the accumulation of personal power. If they are office worker, it is likely to get a chance at promotion and pay rise this year, albeit not great. If they are business owner, the company's business will increase this year, just to a reminder beware of villain from framing you.

Cancer 2014 Finances:
Cancer wealth and fortune this yea is stable and is showing a slow upward trend. You will encounter small obstacles on the way but they are relatively minor bcause Cancer itself is a very good planner constellation on its own financial expenses and in everyday life. Often unexpected events can use money to resolve so Cancer should not be stingy to spend money on this as this will arouse resentment from others.Therefore, it is recommended that Cancer people establish an emergency plan.

Cancer 2014 Love:
Cancer's fortune is one of stable among the twelve constellations especially in their love relationship. Cancer has always been treat love seriously and generally do not have any love crisis. But this year, due to the busy with work life, it will cause dissatisfaction from the partner insecurity. Therefore, it is recommended to spend more time with their Cancer partner, while learning some romantic little ideas to increase interest between husband and wife.