Gemini Horoscope : Blood Type AB Personality

AB -type Gemini 's dual personality and sides , combined into complex type AB - Gemini , they can be said to be a type of fickle . PAA strain can never rest on either side. Keep Quan out new ideas , smart mobile instant strain in the brains immediately thought into words , and then take action , etc., which are type AB - Gemini characteristics. Whenever and wherever , always walked swiftly busy , so they simply do not know "boring " what .

     Type AB - Gemini , and learned a lot of people can . Understanding and strong, able to grasp the essentials of doing things , to sell off now able to put what they have learned , the data collected accurately and quickly away in their brains . Curiosity and rapid action force , the other side is reflected in the lack of patience. When his curiosity has been satisfied, then the meaning of boredom then rises, and does not care to give up. Deliver anything good can accurately handle , but once the moment requires effort or patience , AB type - Gemini people will gradually cool down.

     Attitude altogether but trouble , and sometimes also gone back to the facts can not be denied . On the content is too week to recruit others and paranoid anti- speculation and curiosity , often engender bad impression. If the people around you harbor a strange look , you better stop your own rap it ! Why has this proposal?

Because type AB - Gemini man once when the surrounding crowd could not fit together , they tend to show depressed, unhappy nervousness to which some people have thus become neurotic . To say the words , you want to do , repeatedly thinking brains , and drills. How in order to maintain a good balance relationship , this is the secret of smooth conduct of everyday life .