Rabbit Horoscope Blood Type "B"

Rabbit Zodiac "B" Blood Type Characteristics

B Blood Type Rabbit men are humorous and generous while the women are lively, pleasant and very opinionated. They are quick thinking and they have good academic results. They are very warm and friendly towards their friends and will always make other people smile unconsciously. Some of them are relatively good for art, while others are not only good at singing and dancing but also like to organize and present a number of cultural activities. They dislike quarrel, but once got into a fight, they will continue to fight relentlessly until they won the fight. They are subtle and powerful and they are very confident to explore, just slightly less analytical ability, yet to be honed.

They yearn for a better life, full of idealism and hope to succeed in life. But they do not seem to know how to express themselves and do not like to be criticized. They are somewhat stiff and are not fully integrated into the group. In fact, they are honest and gentle and able to think for their friends, but only slight effort. They are very kind, very strong compassion, will give money to beggar. They have literary aspects for their hobby, like listening to music, write or draw. Also some of them people like trinkets and also love to go shopping.