Pig Horoscope Blood Type "AB"


Pig Zodiac "AB" Blood Type Characteristics
Focus on practical, shining effort in a variety of practical affairs, while useful conservation. Especially noteworthy is that they have a serious and generous character. At work and get along with others will be very serious, but a lot of unhappy once in the past does not care too much, is a pragmatic and inclusive are strong people. In addition, the relationships, they have not near subconscious and performance. Many people have little good grades or work performance. But the heart is full of contradictions, along with a variety of psychological change methods and resolve unknown.

Because these people have a high degree of cognitive AB blood type, so the focus is a pig who embodies the contradictions characteristic of a pig who can make up for some deficiencies. They are lively, good-hearted but soft-hearted, easily moved. But because they have a bias B, AB blood type hot outside in cold, moderately good features, so they will not be soft-hearted or easily because it makes a great impulse to pay, can go too far. They are optimistic by nature, people doing things flexible and smooth. Many high IQ, but the results may not be top-notch. This is a pig who bear strong, learn to grasp the pulse of the people to their advantage to guide transformation thing on the face of the crisis in relationships and career.