Ox Horoscope Blood Type "A"

Ox Zodiac "A" Blood Type Characteristics
A Blood Type Ox generally have a good physique, good attitude but also more talkative and never contrived. Such people are more traditional, responsible and generous. They are not calculative. If they are the leaders, they will lead by example and will not shirk responsibility. They are open-minded, energetic, down to earth, consistently adhere to their own careers. Such people value the work and efficiency of the process and very pragmatic. But somewhat emotionally fragile.

They are calm, methodical, rigorous logical thinking. Their discipline and strong will to work in accordance with the stipulated time and never late and leave work early. Such people have a strong inner moral values ​​and family responsibility and is a very loyal lover. They are the man of few words, in the collective is usually unknown nice guy. But that does not mean that they are slow, but they do not like to show off. They enjoy working with people who are simple, enterprising and charming. Overall, A Blood Type Ox are very trustworthy person.