Horse Horoscope Blood Type "O"

Horse Zodiac "O" Blood Type Characteristics

They are optimistic and motivated, utilitarian heart strong. This very practical and efficient personnel matter, like display and contest strength. They are romantic, very good at expressing their love to the lover. They also attach great importance to friendship, just friends, they will generously help each other on the matter. Such people quite leadership, they are very concerned with money, and very good at business, but obviously some lack of patience and long-term vision. Some of these people's temper temper, but will subside after a hair too, like a fine person. They are very confident, but also very satisfactory, but to implement some thunder, little rain, and a lack of careful thinking. In addition, they are very clever, scheming, and very beauty, for the contacts in appearance and wearing very picky.
Such people simple, kind, though not good at relationships, but because of tolerance and many friends. They will live in many of the practical needs of links and content to do at home, those little picky minutiae, but also eliminates many unnecessary disputes. They value the practical benefits, but they do not care about small gains and losses, does not exhibit a small gas side. For family and friends, they will be very real. ,In the face of love, but a bit clumsy. Work, they are more suited to full-time positions that are assigned to do a manual labor.