2014 Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Profile

Taurus Date of birth: April 21-May 21
Taurus is very conservative, like stability, do not love change. The character is relatively slow for work, life, environment and requires a long adaptation period. Taurus is often the sign of wealth is that they often have a very unique insight in investment banking areas. Taurus men tend to have a tendency to egoistic men, while girls prefer to dress up herself.

Taurus 2014 Overview:
Overall, the Taurus 2014 Horoscope showed a slow downward trend, but because of the magnitude of this decline is too small, the Taurus itself is relatively careless. For career, first half of the year generally do not have any special changes, everything runs according to a predetermined track, but in the second half accumulated problems that are not solved will surface one by one. Therefore, in wealth, in the first half basically will be a slow-growing state, but in the second half the Taurus had to take some money from the coffers in to fill the shortfall. There may be a loss never seen before. In love, Taurus will have the same experiences, seemingly stable marriage and love. There may quarrel for those that Aries neglected and put in more effort in the relationship and be more flexible.

Taurus 2014 Health:
Judging from the forecast throughout the year, Taurus seems quite healthy, well-fed, digest or, occasionally have some minor illness, have almost no serious illness. In fact, Taurus people have "modern" illness which can led to serious complications as Taurus people are generally lazy and without exercising. They will need to periodically check their body. Although seemingly at peace, but the virus latent factor has slowly grow inside the body.

Taurus 2014 business operation:
Zodiac fortune in 2014, the Taurus is the most hindsight, especially in business. Taurus does not feel what their career is, everything is predetermined orbit. But in the second half, the Taurus will feel bruised and battered because the company found loopholes on the work done by Taurus. Company will mainly manifested in two aspects, one is the funding gap, the second is the loss of talent. Taurus is best to do so in advance financial planning, so that every penny is well spent and colleagues have focused on exchange, jointly established the revolutionary emotion.

Taurus 2014 Money:
Your career is linked to your wealth and Taurus 2014 fortunes overall, there will be a small part of the losses, although the first half of the Taurus still feel life's relatively abundant, but in order to better meet the funding gap in the second half, it is recommended not to just count on a fixed salary but to have good financial management, grasping several investment opportunities. In the second half of the year, you can place investment on the real estate market.

Taurus 2014 Love:
This year,  there will be likely one or two through outbreak on Taurus love and marriage and the problems lies with Taurus and not it's companion.The starting point for these large outbreaks, tends to be some of the small things in life. Although it only happen once or twice but its consequences are serious if the two sides did not control their emotions, is likely to lead to love or marriage breakdown so it is best for Taurus to communicate in their daily lives with their companion and consciously correct their shortcomings.