2014 Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Date of Birth: October 24 -11 22

Scorpio are energetic, passionate, jealous and possessive. They want to live very fulfilling life every day. If they lose a goal, it will be seriously difficult to devote their energies. Scorpio is vengeful, desperate to fight the enemy. Their successful advantage is that once they set a goal, you will not dogged.

Scorpio 2014 Overview:
In 2014, Scorpio Horoscope fortune is relatively poor. Although Scorpio are very organized, consistent in everything they do but their utilitarian heart is too strong and relatively narrow in vision but this short harvest period is only temporary, especially this year they need to ushered in the trough cause, so Scorpio have to prepare early whether mentally or spiritual.

Luck love for Scorpio is relatively poor as well. Although they managed to get the heart of their love's one but they did not put in effort once they got it. Especially in 2014, due to obstacles faced at work, Scorpio will vent their anger on their partner. As a result, the relationship between them worsen, so Scorpio have to control their bad temper and pend more time with partner and communicate with them. 

Scorpio 2014 Career :
Under normal circumstances, career luck for Scorpio would not too bad because they are too smart. No one can fool them. However, because a few years ago Scorpio have been too utilitarian , like revenge and so many people have already seen through , so this year, they are not willing to cooperate with Scorpio. Therefore, Scorpio will likely feel depressed. As to whether there will be a favorable change, then I am afraid you have to persevere under pressure ,and if they can don't give up , adhere to the end , everything will be fine.

Scorpio 2014 Health:
In 2014, Scorpio 's health condition overall is quite good, although they are relatively busy work but they are also focus on exercise. This is due to spare time from the decline of workload. They will suddenly have a lot of spare time which they find it difficult to feel accustomed to. It is best  for Scorpio to put off the annoying work and to travel to refresh yourself.

Scorpio 2014 Finances:
Consistent with the career luck, Scorpio wealth luck will not go well in 2014. The state of fortunes is also showing decline. First, there is a reduction of reputation inpartner . Second, due to their own work in their own strength, Scorpio will be greatly hurt self-esteem , mood will become more agitated, the judgment will have errors , so the choice of investment objects tend to be lost .

Scorpio 2014 Love:
In 2014, Scorpio are not successful in love mainly due to their own personality traits. This year, because there is a defeat in the career and wealth. In the past, Scorpio's role in love is often a " combination of hot and cold ". In the beginning, once Scorpio set their eye on the person they like, they will go all the way to go after them. After they are in relationship with their partner, they neglect them. So an advice to Scorpio, if you really cherish your partner, please put in more effort.