2014 Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Profile

Aquarius Date of Birth: January 21-February 19

Aquarius people are very smart people characterized with the creativity. They pursuit a unique life and is a very strong individualism astrology. They are friendly and pay attention to privacy. Aquarius is definitely regarded as a "Friendship Star". They like to make each type of friends but really hard to ingratiate themselves with them and that takes a long time for Aquarius to do so. On the other hand, they alienate and treat their family coldly.

Aquarius 2014 Overview:
Aquarius fortune is 2014 is extremely bad, in many aspects of the fortune are very unfavorable, so Aquarians have to be psychologically prepared in advance. At the same time, this does not mean that there is no remedy but having a preventive measures still helps to alleviate the bad luck.

In businesss, there will be a misjudgment causing a great loss. The worst case scenario might lead to bankruptcy, so when making ddecisions, Aquarius should listen to the views of their friends, even on love and marriage. If couple are not married, parents from both side may oppose to the marriage. If you are married, there might be quarrels because of material needs, the worst case can lead to marital breakdown, so Aquarius will spent more time at home earning more money.

Aquarius 2014 Career: 
Aquarius deserves a sympathy in 2014, as they have to go through the worst fortune in the first half and second half of the year. In the first half of the year, the investment projects carried out by Aquarius have a very good income. This undoubtedly greatly increased the confidence of Aquarius, but in the second half Aquarius will encounter an unprecedent obstacle. This is due to Aquarius stubbornness.
Aquarius 2014 Health:
The health of Aquarius in 2014 has not been greatly affected mainly because Aquarius are actively exercise related. But more serious than physical health is anxiety faced in their careers and marriage because their mood are bad. If Aquarius do not have a venue to vent their anger and frustration, Aquarius is likely to have depression.

Aquarius 2014 Wealth:
Aquarius will lose a small fortune in 2014. Although there are good investment returns in the first half of the year but Aquarius is too much ambition and used all the hard earned money to invest and they are likely to go into bankruptcy. So Aquarius is best to put its own money raised as part of fixed capital or it may be too late to regret it.

Aquarius 2014 Love:
Similarly to other fortunes, Aquarius love fortune is also not smooth sailing. Although, this year Aquarius will find their true love but they are likely to encounter many obstacles. When the couple talks about marriage, they will encounter such as parental opposition, no material basis and so on. On marriage, too, because there is financial loss it will affect the quality of family life and in the worst case sscenario, would be broken marriage.